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Markfield, Ratby & Groby Forum Archive

Welcome to the Markfield, Ratby & Groby Community Forum home page. Community Forums are a new way of making sure the services you receive meet the needs locally. Community Forum membership includes Parish, District and County Councillors, local voluntary sector representatives and members of the public.

Community Forums are held twice a year and provide an opportunity for local communities and their representatives to discuss local issues and influence services delivered in the local area. The meetings are a chance for you to find out what is going on, to raise matters, make suggestions and otherwise contribute to discussions on topics of relevance to you and your community.

Please use the links at the side of this page for more information about your forum. In the ‘About’ section you can find out more about what a Community Forum is (and is not).

To find out more about when and where your Forum will be happening and the issues that are being discussed, visit the ‘meetings’ section, where you will find all details about past, present and future Forums, including Agenda's and minutes.

This is your Community Forum area