Arnesby Village Hall - Trolley, tables, chairs

Arnesby Village Hall promotes & provides a venue for a wide range of village based activities which help to integrate and make more cohesive village life. These activities include: Keep fit, Pilates, feltmaking, painting days, pre school groups, youth fellowship and primary school sports and meals. The Hall is relatively small and the tables and chairs required for these activities need to be carried back and forth to a store room. Some of our existing tables are in a very poor state and it is onerous to have to move the chairs manually.
It is important to have a large space for keep fit and school sports, such activities contribute to the health and well being of old and young alike.
Feltmaking, painting and other craft classes need tables and chairs. These activities clearly contribute to the cultural life of the county, with participants drawn from a wide area.

Arnesby primary school has limited space and the head teacher believes that it is important for children to have hot meals at lunchtime. Integration with the village is achieved by school meals being provided for elderly residents as well as the school children. The Village Hall is adjacent to the school and makes a suitable venue for school / village lunches. Tables and chairs are required and need to be removed efficiently after each meal, so that the Hall can be used for school sports and music and evening community groups

All primary school and preschool-aged children.Members of the Youth Fellowship. Adult craft enthusiasts. Adult fitness class members. Elderly villagers.

We have plans for an extension to the Village Hall that will extend our storage facilities or provide a back stage area for drama groups and concerts. We have obtained planning permission and are in the process of purchasing an adjacent plot of land. The new equipment and the ability to move it safely will ensure continuation of the activities which at present are struggling due to lack of suitable furniture and sufficient space within the main hall.

Trolley to transport tables = £235
4 1520mm folding tables @£117 each = £ 468
4 1220 mm folding tables @ £103 each = £412
5 chair trolleys @ £42 each = £210

TOTAL COST = £1325

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