Getting Lutterworth Growing is requesting funding of £593.00 for the purchase of a Vigo fruit crusher and press. We intend to use this equipment to demonstrate fruit juicing at community events and to loan the equipment to local people to juice their own produce.

Our initiative will meet the following themes of the Sustainable Community Strategy:-
*improved health outcomes
*encourage a whole family approach to eating well
*make a stronger, thriving, integrated and cohesive community
*contribute to climate change reduction
*produce less waste and ensure a reduced proportion of this goes to landfill

In September 2011, volunteers from Getting Lutterworth Growing manned a stall at Lutterworth Farmers' Market and using a borrowed fruit press demonstrated how to make fresh fruit juice. (Press cutting, The Lutterworth Mail, p8, September 15th, 2011)
The event was a great success. From 9.30am until 1.30pm a continuous stream of people watched our demonstration and then either enjoyed a sample of the juice or used the borrowed equipment to press their own apples and took away their own containers of fresh juice. All the comments received were extremely favourable. Getting Lutterworth Growing was asked if they were able to appear at 3 future community events and 6 local families asked if they could borrow the equipment for home use.
The stall was repeated at the October Farmers' Market and again there was much interest and enthusiasm for fruit pressing.

Healthy eating is being encouraged nationally and local communities are being urged to reduce their carbon footprint. Using the crusher and press will:-
*demonstrate an alternative way of using apples
*produce a healthy drink
*encourage people to think about improving their diet
*use up surplus produce
*use up windfall or damaged fruit which may otherwise have gone to waste
*reduce food miles

Local people who attend community events will benefit by learning about the juicing process, sampling the juice and making their own juice.
Lutterworth residents with surplus produce will benefit by borrowing the equipment to make their own fresh juice.

We have chosen Vigo as it is high-quality, robust equipment. The company have been making fruit presses since 1984 and claim some of the original ones are still giving good service!
As we demonstrate fruit pressing we anticipate, based on past experience, that it will become very popular amongst local people and that the demand for our 'appearances' at community events and lending to individuals will grow. We believe the fruit press will be used locally for many years to come.

Vigo Classic Crusher A [No 91101] £245.00
Vigo 12 litre Cross Beam Press [No 91303] £285.00
2 muslin straining bags £13.00
Funnel, jugs, bowls, etc. £30.00
Publicity for the project £20.00
TOTAL: £593.00

Volunteers from Getting Lutterworth Growing already spend time collecting surplus produce from local growers for their 'Abundance' project. This surplus produce will be used when volunteers from GLG attend local community events to demonstrate making fruit juice using the fruit press. Getting Lutterworth Growing volunteers will also enable local people to borrow the fruit press on an individual basis.

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