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Belvoir Wassailers Male Voice Choir

My name is Paul Gibbons and I am writing in my capacity as treasurer to the Belvoir Wassailers to seek consideration for Community Funding. The Wassailers was originally formed eight years ago from the Belvoir Castle Estate work force. Disbanded in 2009, reformed for Christmas 2010 under a new Musical Director with a dozen members. We are hoping to expand to 20 members by the end of the season in May 2012. The choir members come from a catchment area which includes the villages of Long Clawson, Woolsthorpe by Belvoir, Knipton, Belvoir, Waltham and Denton. We rehearse in Knipton Village Hall on a Tuesday evening, paying weekly subscriptions to cover for the hire of the hall.
We are requesting funding to enable the choir to purchase enough musical scores to provide an interesting and varied portfolio of music to attract further members. The cost of each score cost approx £2.25 each, our last purchase cost £111, which provided 8 musical scores, needing 12 copies of each score, this cost was met by the choir members.

Since the Wassailers were reformed we have performed at a number of charity events. These include performing at Knipton Village Church at Christmas 2010 to raise funds for the local charity 'Home Start' based in Grantham, also in that period, Rainbows Hospice at Loughborough. In May 2011, we performed at St Andrews Church, Whissendine to raise funds for the church organ.
On Saturday 15th October.we were kindly invited by the long established Leicester Male Voice Choir to perform along with the Massed Choir of the East Midlands at the DeMontfort Hall, Leicester to raise funds for the LOROS Hospice.
The Wassailers are planning to hold a Christmas Concert on Sunday 4th December at Waltham on the Wolds village parish church, to raise funds for Dove Cottage Hospice, which is located in the Belvoir Vale near Stathern. During our short period since reforming we have established there is a need for fundraising especially in our own location, therefore the Wassailers would like to continue to support local charities, through musical goodwill throughout the Vale.

The purpose of the Belvoir Wassailers is to promote charity fund raising, increase membership, perform at charity and corporate events, purchase new musical scores and promote musical goodwill throughout the Vale community. Also, enabling the choir to assist with many village events and socials.

The concept of the choir is ongoing, therefore we hope to build on our present relationships with we have developed over these past 18 months, to firmly establish ourselves as a choir in the Vale of Belvoir which the community can be proud of and to benefit the Vale Community.

Knipton Village Hall Hire £15 per week
Musical scores each £9.25
Average 12 copies £27.00
Average 10 musical scores £270.00


The Wassailers are all volunteers and any charitable events they attend, the funding has to be met by themselves.
This could be transport costs, advertising and refreshments. The Wassailers have recently formed a working committee, with all choir members paying subscriptions.
The Wassailers have recently opened a Social Club/Association account with HSBC.
I have also recently contacted various local companies, located in the Vale for funding, but to date no reply.

Comments (6)

1. P Knowles said on Wed, 23 Nov 2011 21:32:

This is an excellent choir who have created a new and enthusiastic musical group which is bringing pleasure and musical learning opportunity to the Belvoir Vale.
The need for an artistic and creative performance option for men in the Vale is a clear community need.
The costs are modest as the choir is becoming progressively self supporting, and demonstrates a high return when the income generation for benefiting charities is factored in.
The project spend can be completed by the June 2012 deadline and purchases a resource which is durable and will be in use for the foreseeable future.
The amount requested represents good value and this project is unlikely to require further public funding

2. John and Hilda Townsend said on Fri, 25 Nov 2011 09:21:

We are indeed indebted to Rob Edwards and the Belvoir Wassailers for the splendid evening they put on at St Andrews Church, Whissendine this year which raised over £300 for our much needed Church Organ funds. they were a dedicated choir and obviously enjoy what they do for others.

3. Sandra Moran said on Mon, 28 Nov 2011 19:43:

I have the pleasure of knowing many of the Wassailers from working together at Belvoir Castle. I have seen the choir blossom and flourish under the musical direction of Rob Edwards to become a valued asset to our local community. The choir sang at De Montford Hall last month alongside the famous Fron Male Voice Choir; they did themselves proud, raised funds for Loros Hospice, and promoted their name to a wider audience. This group of hard working local men provide a fantastic uplifting choral experience at fundraising concerts and also a rare opportunity to join a close knit, happy band of singing brothers. This grant will help establish their independence and ensure the sustainability of the choir.

4. Jemma Clifford said on Tue, 29 Nov 2011 12:05:

An absolute pleasure to watch, a pleasure to be around. This fantastic group of people get better every time I hear them. The best part is that they are hard working, local men that enjoy what they do for charity or other causes. This grant would go a long way to helping them now and in the future. I wish them the very best with this application of which they really do deserve.

5. L.Pozzetto. said on Tue, 29 Nov 2011 16:58:

I too know and have worked with most of the Belvoir Wassailers, and I,ve heard them sing many a time, they deserve to go onwards and upwards with their singing. I wish them all the best for the future.

6. M Eurich said on Tue, 29 Nov 2011 23:10:

I am a wassailer who was been there from the beginning and we love our singing so much, i just cant imagine not being able to join my friends and doing what we love to do. We just love singing and helping the various charities to do there much needed work. I am also a bowler and we entertained the bowling club on more that one occasion and raised money for the air ambulance
please please help us to carry on singing ? and raise much needed funds for local charities
thank you
M Eurich

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