Ashby Woulds Town Council & Moira Village Hall Trustees outdoor play equipment.

Ashby Woulds Town Council in conjunction with Moira Village Hall Trustees with the support of the youth club, district council and police are working on a proposal to provide outdoor play equipment, to be located at the village hall site.

This project is split into two phases:
Phase One: Consultation with the community
Phase two: Implementation of the project to provide outdoor play equipment which will require funding. Some sources of funding are listed below in ‘Potential Funding’.

A consultation event with the community of Ashby Woulds and key partners is necessary to determine:
1. What outside play equipment is needed at the Moira Village Hall site
2. Whether a Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) is required on the site
3. Where on the grounds of the site could play equipment and a MUGA be sited that is safe, accessible and least disruptive to neighbours.

This will be an interactive community consultation event to include a map of the site with potential locations for play areas.
To draw in members of the community the event will take place as a fun day where a series of activities and workshops will be planned.

In 2008 a parish plan was published covering the Ashby Woulds Parish which identified a need for improved access to activities for younger people. The current outdoor play equipment at the village hall comprises of a small area with a limited amount of play equipment for use by children who attend the Preschool Group at the hall. Other play equipment in the village is located about a mile away. The proposed play area is located near to a developing residential area in the village where a growing number of families with children live.

The Group believe a need for this facility has already been established, yet feel it is important to consult and work with the community on the detail needed to take the project further, giving ownership to the community, align with the Big Society principles and establish:
• The needs of the local community in relation to provision of play equipment and a MUGA
• What equipment young people would be most likely to use
• Where play equipment is best located on site (the site of the Village Hall)

The project will benefit the whole community, where young people (aged 8 – 12 years) have improved access to facilities and activities in their community. In addition the project will benefit young people who live in or visit the Ashby Woulds parish and their families. The Multi Use Games Area age range is from 12 upwards (includes expected parent and wider family participation in activities).

The results of the consultation will published in the AWTC Spring Newsletter and will be used to inform and finalise proposal for play equipment and MUGA if community agree it is needed, plan phase two of the project and secure funding for provision of equipment.

Advertising – poster, flyers £100
Workshop/activities/equipment £400
Questionnaires (for non event attendees) £200
Refreshments £150
Interactive consultation materials £300
Room Hire £150




Coalfields Regeneration Trust,
Shire Grant.

Time given to planning, organising, setting up and hosting the event will be voluntary.
Serving refreshments will be voluntary.
Delivery of advertising materials to households will be voluntary.
Village Hall hire will be at a discounted rate.
Flyer and posters will be designed with the District Council.
Mobile Skate park at discount rate.
True project costs are around £2,000.

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