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Your SHIRE Community Grants 2015-16

Leicestershire County Council (LCC) has made £160,000 available for the Your SHIRE Community Grants scheme in 2015-16. These grants will help Leicestershire based community groups and organisations to deliver projects and activities that will make a difference to local people.

Eligible organisations will be able to access up to £2,500 for projects that will help to reduce demand on public services, by supporting vulnerable people through early intervention and prevention activities in relation to one of the Your SHIRE themes.

The Your SHIRE themes for 2015-16 are:

1. Encouraging young people to achieve their potential
2. Getting active in the community
3. Supporting older people to live in the community
4. Supporting vulnerable people in the community

There will also be 2 additional themes for 2015-16, details of which will appear here shortly

Select a Your SHIRE Theme to view a project proposal: